Our name is our mission -- in Hebrew, Tikun Olam means “repair the world” -- and we strive to do that by providing high-quality and consistently effective cannabis products to those in need. We began researching cannabinoids over a decade ago in Israel and in 2005 Tikun Olam was formed as a philanthropic organization. Since then, the research and clinical studies proven in our proprietary cannabis strains have been utilized to develop high CBD products, and eventually our new Tikun Hemp product, completely void of THC.


Our heritage goes back before Tikun Olam and Tikun Hemp came to be. In 1964, scientific research into the therapeutic uses of the cannabis plant were discovered in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

Tzachi Cohen --- inspired by and later mentored by Dr. Mechoulam and his findings -- began cultivating the plant and providing medicine to those suffering in Galilee, Israel -- cancer fighters, recovering opiate addicts, and veterans with PTSD. With the help of a team of volunteers, a strong community formed where patients found medical support.

Thus, in 2005, Tzachi opened Tikun Olam as a philanthropic organization. After petitioning the Israeli Ministry of Health, Tzachi was granted the world’s first governmental license to produce and distribute cannabis through the healthcare system, and would provide patients with safe and consistent cannabis medicine in hospitals, nursing homes, and co-ops. His steadfast commitment to patient care and continual research paved the way for a global wellness organization, providing plant-based relief across the world.

Research & Development

The goal of Tikun Olam was to ensure personalized treatment plans using research backed cannabis. Tzachi did just that, and soon Tikun Olam formed the world’s largest cannabis treatment databases. It now contains more than 20,000 patients records consisting of strain used, dosage and correlated symptoms. Tikun Olam has used this data to develop proprietary cannabis strains, containing CBD and THC, which are clinically proven to provide symptomatic relief for many conditions.

Over the last decade, we have seen countless success stories from patients who have been treated and experienced an improved quality of life. Tikun strains have been genetically optimized and clinically proven to provide maximal therapeutic benefit for a wide range of conditions and ailments and we are motivated daily by our patients successes with cannabis.

In one study of 900 patients, average age 74, 94% reported overall better quality of life after 6 months of using various Tikun Olam cannabis strains.

One patient, Sheri, reported positive effects, stating “After doing opioids for over 10 years, I went cold turkey to find the right strain for me. I use Avidekel and for the first time in I don’t know how many years, I can take a deep breathe. I can walk without pain”.

Another patient, Tel Aviv resident Sharon, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis was given a host of medications with serious side effects and turned to Tikun Olam for relief. Within a year, she was removed from medications and felt improvements in pain, sleep quality and stress levels.

Amongst these strains developed by Tikun Olam, one specific high CBD strain was studied by veteran Israeli CBD researcher, Ruth Gallily, to prove the cannabinoid’s efficacy in pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. That strain, named Avidekel for a patient and father of one of Tikun Olam’s founders, went on to become the most researched CBD strain in the world. Winning numerous awards in Israel, Canada, and the United States, it became the inspiration for our new Tikun Hemp CBD line.

Our Mission

Tikun Hemp has the same mission in mind; to repair the world with CBD products. Professor Raphael Mechoulam, and Ruth Gallily, advisors for Tikun Olam have been influencers for our CBD line. The scientific studies conducted on cannabinoids and Avidekel showing the effects of CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant has been our inspiration to develop and deliver Tikun Hemp products to our community.

Research and development are integral to fulfilling our mission as a whole and we are committed to improving the quality of peoples’ lives, holding true to our Tikun Olam roots. Tikun Hemp was conceived to build on Tikun Olam’s legacy of providing personalized cannabis treatment, but with hemp CBD and we are excited to support your health.