The "Grab and Go" Bundle

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Help someone stay well on the go with a discrete CBD oil and precisely-dosed CBD softgels. A day to night combination of two CBD essentials that have been conveniently designed to be carry-on friendly.


Oil: Shake before use. Place ½ a dropper (.50ml) under the tongue and allow oil to absorb for at least 15 seconds before swallowing.

Softgels: Take 1 softgel and wait 45 - 60 minutes for effect. Do not take more than 2 softgels in 24 hours.


We are the original caregivers, the first company to ever legally provide cannabis-based medicine.  Our high-CBD cannabis strain, Avidekel, is the most researched strain in the world and regularly used by our patients internationally.

Our Tikun Hemp line is made from broad-spectrum oil with no detectable levels of THC so there is no risk of intoxication.  We test extensively during each step of the production process to ensure you get consistency and quality with every order. 

Each Tikun Hemp product is uniquely designed to enhance your overall well being. The CBD Oil is infused with a curated blend of terpenes inspired by our medicinal cannabis strains.  Using three different testing points at cultivation, extraction, and final product, we extract the oil from the whole hemp flower, purify it to a high degree, and then reintroduce the strain-specific terpenes - preserving the cannabinoid and terpene profile. With an avocado oil base and subtle orange flavor, this highly reputable tincture delivers aerial plant benefits with ease.The CBD softgels are formulated to be water-soluble for effective dosing and fast uptake.

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Gluten Free


Triple lab tested

No heavy metals

Pesticide Free


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Tikun CBD

My wife use the CBD tincture and she liked the convenience in taking the capsules. She gets so much relief using CBD after work and gets good sleep. Pain and discomfort during her monthly period are greatly diminish. She has been taking CBD regularly.